Discover the advantages of Bosch refrigerators

  • The fastest ice machine for refrigerators in the sector
  • Water freshly filtered with UltraClarityProTM
  • Hands free with BottleFill
  • External water and ice dispenser
  • FarmFresh revolutionary system

The fastest ice machine for refrigerators in the  sector

  • The system QuickIePro offers a fast replenishment of ice cubes, making up to 12lbs of ice cubes every day. That gives out to the equivalent of 40 glasses every day.

Freshly filtered water with UltraClarityProTM

  • The UltraClarityProTM filter reduces up to 99.9% of sediment that could be found in your water and ice cubes.

Hands free with Bottle Fill

  • Fill your glass or your favorite bottle hands free with the BottleFill technology.

External water and ice cube dispenser

  • The external dispenser allows you to savour a pure and fresh water with a simple light touch of your glass or bottle.

FarmFreshTM revolutionary system

  • VitaFreshProTM
    • Balances out the temperature and humidity to create an optimal environment
  • MultiAirFlowTM
    • Absorbs naturally occurring ethylene gas to slow down ripening
  • FreshProtectTM
    • Circulates air evenly to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the cavity
  • Filtre Air FreshTM
    • Absorbs food odors to keep the air in your fridge fresh

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